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A page just for my music. My name is David Staver.

If you found your way here from someplace besides my Facebook or Myspace pages, I would love it if you took a look at them. Facebook is the one I keep updated and post on.

Also, I'm on SoundCloud:



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Camping in the Closet


Shelter in the Weather


Something I Regret


Snow on California


You Are My Moon


Questions you might be asking yourself

Who is the staple act?

That's me. I write songs and then I record them. Sometimes I play out but I am not actually a staple act anywhere. This is what I look like:

What is this place and why is it here?

I should stop lying about this. This website is mainly here so you can use my lyrics as search engine criteria.

Why is this page so ugly and dated looking?

Because the internet was better when it was simple and less cool.

My copyright notice

I am giving these files away for free for you to download and listen to however you like, but for any other use, such as uploading them to other websites, distributing them commercially, modifying the recordings in any way, putting them in a video or broadcasting them publicly (like streaming or terrestrial radio), please ask me first. I'd be happy to help. If you want to display my lyrics somewhere else, please ask me first. I'd be happy to help.

(If you are a fan, this notice is not for you. These are not rules that I made up just now and you are obliged to adhere to copyright law like everyone else, but you are not why I put this here and I am not worried about you sharing my songs with your friends. The Trichordist has more.)

You can reach me by email at david (at) thestapleact.com

I'm also on Facebook at facebook.com/thestapleact
As well as Myspace at myspace.com/thestapleact


David Staver